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Best Book on How to Grow Orchids & Get Them to Reflower

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judywhite aka Judy White, orchid writer & stock orchid photographer

judywhite, Author/Photographer of Bloom-Again Orchids & the Taylor's Guide to Orchids

judywhite is author and photographer of the award-winning Taylor's Guide to Orchids (Houghton Mifflin 1996), as well as Bloom-Again Orchids (Timber Press 2009). A past trustee of the American Orchid Society (AOS), she has earned its highest prize for writing about orchid culture, as well as the AOS Silver Medal for outstanding service to the orchid community.

Her photography has graced many books and publications, and has been exhibited at the Smithsonian Institution.

A former research biologist and past editor-in-chief of one of the world's first mega-gardening Web sites, Time Life's Virtual Garden, judywhite began her writing life as a humor columnist for Seventeen Magazine. She is married to British garden writer Graham Rice. The pair divides their time between the eastern United States and Northamptonshire, England. She is proud to say she has killed orchids on both sides of the Atlantic.

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New from judywhite, author of the award-winning book on orchid growing culture
Taylor's Guide to Orchids:

Bloom-Again Orchids

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50 Easy Care Orchids That Flower Again & Again & Again

(Timber Press, November 2009. $14.95)

Winner, Book-Writing Award, Garden Writers of AmericaBREAKING NEWS: 2010 Winner, Garden Writers Association Award of Achievement for Book-Writing

Easiest Orchids to Grow! 50 great choices, plus how to make them rebloom. Includes judywhite's 10 best tips for growing orchids. See some of her most highly recommended orchids.

Text & Photography by judywhite

The good reviews are coming in: "Judy White has managed to distill all the pertinent facts for choosing and growing the orchids that give the best bang for the buck, into a quick and surprisingly thorough reference book. The amount of detail included is impressive and it's all bulleted so you can find what you need quickly. Full page photos of each orchid are sumptuous. There should be a book like this for every plant group. If you're interested in learning more about growing orchids, this is an extremely accessible reference book that will most certainly whet your appetite for growing more." -

"...gorgeous photos accompanied by concise tips and descriptions. Author judywhite chose 50 'easily grown' orchids. Each gets two pages - one a close-up color photo, the opposite page containing information, tips, a checklist and interesting facts about the flower. The book is easy to navigate and the stunning photos lure you in." - Miami Herald

"Overall rating: Excellent. judywhite brings all her formidable talent to bear on "Bloom-Again Orchids." The photos -- one for each of the 50 plants she's chosen to recommend -- draw you in and the accessible writing keeps you there. Packaged with an orchid -- easy enough to find these days -- "Bloom-Again Orchids" would be a no-brainer as a holiday gift." - The Oregonian

The time has come to rethink the orchid's diva reputation, (for) along came the book, "Bloom-Again Orchids"... about easy-going high performers. - Chicago Tribune

Staff Pick! Surely one of the most useful orchid books to come down the pike in a long while is Bloom-Again Orchids by judywhite. Here is a book designed to correct an all-too-common condition: orchids that sit on windowsills and sulk without either growing or dying. By emphasizing plants that normal human beings can cajole into bloom and are likely to encounter in the marketplace, i.e., big-box stores, supermarket shelves, mall kiosks, florist windows, and of course, botanical garden gift shops, Bloom-Again Orchids is accessible and unique. It demystifies home orchid-growing in a very concise way, with an A-to-Z of 50 beautiful varieties, each one annotated with an easy-to-understand, 12-point checklist. - New York Botanical Garden

"With this book at your side and a little effort, you too can grow orchids that will be the envy of the neighborhood." - Gardening by the Book

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Also by judywhite

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Orchid Stock Photos & book by judywhite | Taylor's Guide to Orchids
Taylor's Guide to Orchids

judywhite, Author & Photographer
(Houghton Mifflin, 1996)

LICENSE judywhite's Stock ORCHID PHOTOS, from the book & beyond! See Plant Image Galleries or email us with specific page numbers of stock orchid photography..

The new bible of the orchid growing world. Winner of the "Quill & Trowel Award" for book writing from the Garden Writers Association of America. Named "Favorite New Gardening Book" by National Gardening Magazine. Rated 5 stars by reviewers. judywhite wrote and photographed this 400 page book with 300 color photographs.

Read a rave review:
"Afraid to grow orchids? Fear no more, because this book explains everything we need to know, from how orchids grow in nature (mostly on sides of trees!) and what we have to do to make them happy on the windowsill.

"judywhite is well-known in the orchid world for her wonderful way of explaining the mysteries behind how to grow orchids, and this book, which she also photographed (there are 300 gorgeous color photos depicting every genus in the encyclopediasection) is not only well-written, it is well-organized and covers everything from pest control to potting materials (the best resource on this subject in particular that I'veever come across) to light to getting the darned things to bloom again. The second half of the book is the encyclopedia section, describing not only species, but also man-made intergeneric hybrids, with a lot of information you can't find anywhere else in one place.

"I definitely agree with others that if you only get one orchid book - whether you are just a beginner or truly advanced - this is *the* orchid book!" -- Review